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Heart In My Throat - Orange

Instant Iridescence - Blue


I have known Mrs Shanda Barnhill for a few years. And I too i am a paparazzi consultant but often purchase from her because she has an extensive inventory. So she makes it very easy to order, she delivers, and she is very helpful and thoughtful to the process.

L Davis

Shanda is an absolute PLEASURE! I love purchasing from her, she definitely works her business & accommodates her customers.

T Chris

Shanda makes shopping with her fun & exciting!!
This lady is supper excited to show me all that papporizzi brings to the " bling" I appreciate that Shanda pays attention to her customers and absolutely knows what I love. Great customer service!

~ Birdy G.

I have brought so much that I need more space . I like how she shows her display for all to see. So this is how I do it too.

~ E. Gordon

Shanda is the Bomb Diggity when it comes to her business, she keeps her customers satisfied, and definitely comes up with most beautiful combinations of jewelry that her customers will love. She delivers and so fun with her game shows. Bottom line she such an amazing person to do business with 🥰🥰🥰

~V. Allen